“The biggest blessing of our lives!

We have waited, prayed and hoped for this moment for many, many years. Our journey has been both soul crushing & awe-inspiring, but in the end & against all odds we made it through, proving this mountain can be moved..and we owe all of this to New Life and our hard working and devoted coordinator, Svetlana! Thank you so much for making this dream possible!

Svetlana has done such an amazing job managing this entire process from beginning to end. She consistently went above and beyond to make sure all of our questions were answered promptly with the utmost care and exceptional detail.

Every aspect of our surrogacy journey flowed smoothly and perfectly, thanks to Svetlana! From the beginning stages back home in the United States to our final stay in Ukraine, she made sure we were always informed and well taken care of..we never felt alone. We can’t thank you enough for being our guiding light and rock! Over the years, you were our coordinator, who became a friend and who we now consider family! You deserve all the best life has to offer!

We hope our journey can inspire others to find the strength & courage to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles come your way! We highly recommend New Life for your surrogacy journey!

Love, M, T and our baby T

California, USA”

“Dear New Life. We cannot thank you enough for all your professional and personal support throughout our surrogacy program … again ! When we used you for our son in 2016, the service and help you provided changed our lives forever. So when we decided to add to our family, it was the easiest decision to contact New Life. People often say about good decisions that they wouldn’t change anything …. and we didn’t have to change a thing. Once again, we can never thank you enough for everything you have done for us and our new daughter will know all about her journey, including everything New Life did to make her life possible.

M & U ….. and now adorable E and K, Ireland”

Hi Svetlana hope you are doing well.

Thank you for all your help you are a complete star in our eyes as we give birth to 2 girls yesterday twins. You have made our dreams come true❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

7 weeks premature but doing really well and so is J.

They were born by C section. We have no names as yet but we are the most proudest parents in the world so THANK YOU once again!!


J and M, UK

Hello Svetlana,

I just want to email you again and share with you the excitement and happiness you have put into our lives. We are so grateful for this wonderful gift. We pray for safe journey for our SM .l would like to say Svetlana you and Maka have helped this happen for us and honestly we can not thank you enough, you both have been so supportive, honest and caring that in itself has been a gift to us and you both will never be forgotten. I so can’t wait to see you again and so looking forward to having a family. We hear from you soon thank you again.

Kind regards,
D and M, Australia

Dear Svetlana,

Thank you so much for your all of support. We are really really touched and appreciate all of your professional, heartwarming support to us since we started this surrogacy program a year ago.

For the surrogacy program, due to the physical distances, I am sure that all of the Intended parents have the worries for their babies and program. However, you always provided frequent contacts to inform so detailed information about babies and program, which made us so relieved. Even for any small issues during pregnancy period, you took care them very carefully and provided the best support and reduced our worries and concerns, which made us feel like we are always close to surrogate mother and babies. And we were so excited and grateful to hear the report to inform growth of the babies every month.

After arrival in Kiev, we cannot express how much we thank you, Svetlana. We did not know any Ukraine/Russian languages but you helped us checking the babies’ condition, discussing with Doctors, and purchasing medicines for babies everyday, and even in holidays or in your busy time, you visited maternity house many times. We cannot forget such an individually, closely detailed caring and support.

Also, documentations and arrangement of the discussion with the lawyer were arranged so organized and every process for birth cert has been proceeded smoothly. Handled difficulty of the legalized process well, and made a extra effort for us to speed up the process by negotiating a lot with the lawyer for us due to short duration of the Visa. We never had such a heartwarming, professional, supportive, and responsible agent like you!!! We are sure that we could not have achieved our dream to have babies without you. Thank you so muchJ

In summary, we really thank you for everything you done for us, brought such a miracle to us, and recommend New life Ukraine, especially you Svetlana. If anyone who would like to try surrogacy program, definitely should try New Life Ukraine! Best agency ever.

Svetlana, thank you so much from our bottom of heart!!

R & Y, Taiwan

Dear Maka
How could we forget about you who supported us to go through our difficult journey and helped us make our dream came true!!!

How are you? Hope you are well. We are doing fantastic!!! Everyday is blessing and full of happiness with the two little bundles of joy. Twins are already nearly 9 months old. Time flies, doesn’t it? It has been challenging to be a mum of twins but happiness from them is indescribable. We are absolutely happy parents. They are happy boys, too.

Absolutely, I am happy to share my experiences with the potential parents from Australia. When we enjoy this unbelievable joy after having our boys, I feel obliged to share our experiences with others. I truly hope they can have this happiness one day and want to tell how much we were satisfied the services provided by you all.

Please let me know how we can assist them. We are more than happy to help them. You will never be forgotten by us Maka. I am sending you a couple of photos of our twins.

Thanks and contact me anytime you need.

Dear Svetlana

We would like to thank you so very much for helping us to bring our beautiful daughter into the world. We still can’t believe she is here and so perfect!

The support and attention you provided to us right from the start continued throughout our journey and during our stay in Ukraine. We are happy to say that your communication was always exceptional and your support significantly beyond what we ever anticipated. Nothing has ever been too hard and you always took the time to ensure we had everything we could possibly need here in Kyiv, even over the Christmas period, weekends, nights, and on public holidays. You are so dedicated and we are always wondering when you actually rest!

You are warm, kind, genuine and caring and we are so happy to have had you assist and guide us through this journey. We always felt informed and couldn’t have asked for anything more. We are happy to say that you have become a lifelong friend to us and we’ll never forget you and everything you’ve done.

We don’t think we can ever thank you enough for what you’ve helped us achieve! We absolutely recommend you and New Life Ukraine to anyone looking to expand their family.

T and T, Australia


Somos una pareja catalana que no puede tener hijos. Después de varios intentos en clínicas de fertilidad nos decidimos a iniciar un proceso de gestación por sustitución.

Al principio del proceso tuvimos que seleccionar un país. Después de asesorarnos, nos decidimos por Ucrania por distintos motivos: está bien comunicada desde Barcelona, hay un seguimiento médico exhaustivo de todo el proceso, hay un consulado español en Kiev y hay garantías legales para la gestante y para los padres.

En el momento de seleccionar una agencia estuvimos trasteando por internet en busca de una que fuera de nuestro agrado. Una vez que encontramos NewLife nos pusimos en contacto con ellos, nos explicaron todo el proceso y nos enviaron toda la documentación relacionada con él. Después de un tiempo de reflexión necesario, empezamos con ellos, con ilusión, pero también con cierto miedo.

Este octubre, nació nuestra pequeña con 39 semanas de gestación. Es una niña preciosa, sana y fuerte. ¡Uf, realmente se parece a su padre! Aprovechamos esta oportunidad para agradecer, con todo nuestro corazón, el esfuerzo realizado por nuestra gestante durante las últimas semanas de embarazo.

Nos gustaría dirigir unas palabras a Svetlana Pyrozhenko que es la persona de NewLife Ucrania que nos ha acompañado a lo largo de este proceso. Sinceramente, no creo que hubiera sido posible sin ella. Cuando realizas un proceso de este calado a tanta distancia todo es más complicado. Durante nuestro proceso ha estado trabajando para que nosotros tuviéramos la mejor información y lo más actualizada posible. Realmente, ha sido nuestro punto de enlace con la gestante, la clínica de fertilidad y la maternidad donde tuvo lugar el parto. Además, nos ha ayudado mucho durante nuestra estancia en Kiev.

Ya estamos en casa con nuestra hija. ¡Estamos realmente felices de haber iniciado este viaje!

¡Un abrazo y mucha suerte!

December 2017

A and R, Spain

“Hi Svetlana
Trust you are well. Sorry for not being in touch I was just keeping a low key till the pregnancy advances. You will be pleased to know that I am now 28 weeks 😊. Rest is all ok and counting weeks now. Take care and once again thank you so much for making this happen for us”
Warm regards , S

Our experience with New Life was great. From the first contact with the agency, the communication was always very fluid; we were very well informed and advised throughout the whole process. Svetlana was always very kind and supportive.

Our baby was born a little bit before her due date, so she stayed in the maternity house for a couple of weeks. Their personal was also outstanding. We had a chance to set ourselves up in Kiev while visiting her everyday. Beautiful city, by the way.

When our baby was finally discharged from the maternity house, we spend a couple of amazing weeks with her, sleeping less than ever but bonding with our lovely daughter, far from our everyday life at home. What a magical bubble to live in!

Svetlana helped us a lot with the important things, like documents and medical stuff, but also with every detail of life in Kiev. And she checked on us all the time, even once we came back home!

We highly recommend surrogacy in Ukraine, as well as NLU. And we’ll have a fond memory of Svetlana…our daughter’s Ukrainian aunt!

I. and L, from US.”