OK, so if you are reading this then you are seriously considering surrogacy. Congratulations
for being so open minded and motivated. The good news is that many have gone before you.
So here is our story and our view on the experience….
Firstly, no matter what anyone says, it’s a great, challenging adventure with many moments
of doubt, excitement, fear, stress and hopefully joy. But, if all goes well, it will be the best
thing you ever did in your limited time on this earth and worth all the effort and money.
Even though there is no guarantee or certainty, the key element in this adventure, is
undoubtedly finding a good agency and having a bit of (medical) luck. Simply because the
agency plans, manages and controls the entire process on your behalf but can’t guarantee
success. So here our perception and experience with New Life:
a) New Life was very responsive and transparent at every step of the process. They were
the first to respond to our initial question; their response was clear and detailed.
When we had a question and called (even in the middle of the night) they would
answer. When we had our moments of fear, (medical) risks and doubts, they provided
an objective analysis and came with suggestions. They know the process (both
administrative, medical and legal). Even though New Life clearly manages many
surrogacy cases, they still provide a fairly personal and close service.
b) New Life has direct and good relations with well-trained medical facilities.
They are able to get quick and prioritized access for all medical interventions and
provide support.
c) They have a broad choice of donors and surrogates and do their utmost to make the
process into a success without too much stress for you. They can provide different
d) When our baby was born and we were stuck in an unclear administrative process of
obtaining a passport to leave Georgia, they went beyond their contractual obligation
to help us with letters, legalizations and submissions.
So, all in all, we were happy with New Life. They did everything in their power to help us
succeed and make this emotional roller coaster experience bearable and transparent.
There are areas of improvement, but luckily it concerns smaller details and cultural
differences which are less important if you are able to take control of the situation and see
the essence of what needs to be done. There will be rough patches and frustration, but we
honestly think New Life handled those pretty well.
So, all we can do is wish you success and hope that the outcome will be as positive as ours.
May all those tough patches will be a part of your story leading to that little bundle of love„

Successful Couple from Belgium