Ukraine Advantages

Ukraine IVF Advantages

For parents-to-be seeking peace of mind, Ukraine is a desirable surrogacy destination. Legalities in Ukraine recognize the parents-to-be as the only legal parents of the babies birthed via surrogacy, with their names written on the birth certificate. This keeps the baby registration procedures simple with respective embassies and allows the parents to leave the country within a shorter period.

Ukraine is also more affordable and cost-effective as compared to other legal surrogacy destinations. We maintain remarkably high medical standards, which have resulted in exceptional success rates. By keeping failure at a minimum, we can keep our costs at a minimum as well.

Ukraine IVF Advantages

For parents seeking confidence that their journey will lead them to the joys of parenthood, New Life Ukraine is happy to offer guaranteed packages. These packages ensure that, with the dedication of our clinic facilities and professional medical team, we can achieve your goals in a very short period.

At New Life Ukraine we are proud of our mixture of egg donors, which allows our parents-to-be to find their perfect match. Our international database grants access to donors from around the world, without the necessity of arranging donor travel. With the ability to choose from such a diverse pool of donors, you can select one that meets your appearance preferences, such as a donor with blond hair and blue eyes, or one with chestnut hair and brown eyes.

Ukraine’s location also makes it a desirable surrogacy destination for many parents-to-be. Although it is not yet a member of the European union, the living and medical standards are equal to those found in Europe. Because of these high standards and its easily-accessible location via direct flight from prestigious airlines in many areas, we find that our parents-to-be are often eager to travel to Ukraine for their surrogacy services.