IVF Steps in Ukraine

Steps And Travel Tips

Surrogacy and egg donation programs are a common service provided in Ukraine not only to couples of foreign countries, but also to Ukrainian couples. In some countries surrogacy and/or egg donation are prohibited by law due to religious, social, political or medical reasons, however, the desire to have a baby is universal.

Ukraine remains one of the countries where you can fulfill your dream of becoming parents even if physical obstacles do not allow you. Reasonable prices and liberal laws make it much easier to carry out your program in Ukraine than in many countries.

Ukraine IVF


General schedule of your program step by step

  • You send us a request describing your situation and desired program, provide us with your contact information, preferences and requirements. We discuss every detail together with you, supply you with full information requested and answer all questions that may arise.
  • According to your individual program we send you the total program cost, information about additional expenses related to transfer, lodging, language issue etc.
  • We supply you with a login and password to our database of egg donors and surrogate mothers so that you can choose several potentially matching candidates for you. If a surrogate mother/egg donor you choose is not engaged in any other program at the moment and agrees to participate in your program, we come to the next step.
  • After having agreed on all important points we send your draft contract to read carefully and send us your comments. While and when necessary we make changes to the contract taking into account all your remarks.
  • We help you plan your visit to Kiev, Ukraine (booking tickets when necessary, negotiating lodging, arranging interpreter etc). During your stay in Kiev we fully accompany you at every stage of your program so that you feel comfortable and as little stressed as possible.
  • We organize for you meetings with potential candidates (with egg donor this is possible only if she agrees) so that you can be sure you made a good choice and confirm your candidate.
  • You sign agreement with surrogate mother and with New Life Ukraine.
  • Your program starts.


As a rule, you need to visit Kiev two or three times

  • First time you come to start your program which includes visiting the doctor who will be leading your program, pass necessary tests if you did not do it in your country, leave sperm samples, as well as meet your personal coordinator at New Life Ukraine, sign contracts and meet candidates.
  • Intended mother (if no egg donor is needed) should come to Kiev to donate eggs. No need to stay in period as your doctor will give you all necessary prescriptions during your first visit. You can buy all drugs in Kiev and carry out stimulation at home if you wish. Then you come 2-3 days before puncture.
  • Your third time is to stay during getting civil registration certificate for the newborn and to take your baby home.