IVF Steps in Ukraine

Steps And Travel Tips

Surrogacy and egg donation programs are commonly provided services in Ukraine for Ukrainian and foreign parents-to-be. Our clinic’s services are a response to the universal desire to have a baby, even for parents in countries where law prohibits surrogacy and/or egg donation due to religious, social, political, or medical reasons.

Even if physical obstacles will not allow you to fulfill your dream of parenthood, we can help you find a solution in Ukraine. Affordable cost structure and liberal laws make it easier to provide these services here than in many other countries.

Ukraine IVF


Our Step-by-Step Guide to Your Program

Step 1: Send us a request that describes your situation and desired program. Provide us with your contact information, preferences and requirements. We will discuss every detail with you so we can answer all of your questions and give you the information you need.

Step 2: After deciding on your program we will send you the total program cost, including information about additional expenses (transfer, lodging, interpreter, etc.), for your review.

Step 3: You will be given a login and password to our database of egg donors to choose several potential candidates. If one of these candidates is available and agrees to join your journey to parenthood, we will proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: After discussing key points about your program, we will send you a draft of your contract to carefully read and review. You are invited to send us any comments or concerns, which will be taken into consideration if we make changes to the contract.

Step 5: We help you plan your visit to Kiev, Ukraine (booking tickets when necessary, negotiating lodging, arranging for an interpreter, etc.). During your stay we will accompany you at every stage of your program to ensure you are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Step 6: We organize meetings between you and the potential candidates (Note: This is only possible with eggs donors if they agree to the meeting.). This will help you confirm your decision when choosing between candidates.

Step 7: You sign an agreement with the surrogate mother and with New Life Ukraine.

Step 8: Your program starts!


Visiting Kiev, Ukraine

You will visit Kiev two or three times before, during, and after completion of your program.

Visit #1: Your first visit to Kiev will be when you start your program. This visit includes a meeting with the doctor who will be leading your program, any necessary tests (if not completed in your home country), sperm samples, meeting your personal coordinator at New Life Ukraine and candidates, and signing contracts.

Visit #2: If no egg donor is needed, the mother-to-be should go to Kiev to donate her eggs. The doctor will give you all necessary prescriptions during your first visit, and you can purchase all needed medications in Kiev to carry out stimulation at home, if you prefer. You will then need to visit Kiev two to three days prior to puncture.

Visit #3: Your third visit to Kiev is when you get to take your baby home! During your stay, you will obtain a civil registration certificate for your newborn baby.