New Life Founder

My name is Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili, founder of New Life Network. Since founding our first branch, our global network of IVF clinics and egg donation and surrogacy agencies has had the absolute joy of being part of the stories of more than 7,000 families along their journeys to parenthood. With each new chapter I am personally gifted with the most rewarding experience I never could have dreamed would ultimately become an integral part of my own personal story.

While growing up, I was blessed with a loving family that fostered my own desire to one day build a family of my own. My father was a Professor at Tbilisi State Academy of Art and my mother was a teacher. Following in their footsteps, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others, specifically families, so I enrolled at Tbilisi State Medical University. After completing my education, I started working in the emergency care department as a nurse before becoming a night shift doctor. My days were devoted to working on EU commissions and USA Embassy healthcare projects.

My life was busy, but that didn’t stop me from meeting, falling in love with, and marrying the most amazing man I had ever met. We were so happy, and so excited to start a family of our own.

But then we found out “I am infertile”.

This was the scariest moment of my life. After dreaming of becoming a mother for so long, it felt like my dreams were falling apart. I felt lost, wondering whether it was even possible to make my dream a reality.

I had so many unanswered, frightening questions. Could I ever make my husband happy if I wasn’t able to given him the children he wanted, and deserved? Would our relationship stay the same as it was before? Could he still love me?

With my husband’s support, we started looking into fertility treatments; but, despite being well-off financially with our work at the time, stimulations and IVF treatments were still expensive and offered no guarantee they would work. It would take us at least six months to save up enough money just to try to have the baby we wanted.

And the treatments didn’t work.

My husband and I were met with failure after failure: 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, four surgeries, and an ectopic pregnancy. Our hearts broke more each and every time the treatments failed, and our financial situation was becoming worse with each attempt at achieving our dream of parenthood. We were met with tremendous grief, an inexplicable pain that can only be understood by those who have suffered through infertility struggles.

The same pain I am sure you feel in your heart at this very moment.

Despite the struggles and our aching hearts, we knew it was still too early to give up! There had to be a solution to make our dreams come true. Finally, we found one. With the help of two wonderful surrogate mothers, my husband and I were blessed with three beautiful, healthy children. Now, our family is complete, our hearts are full, and so is our home.

I want you to know that yours can be, too.

This is why I started New Life. My journey has shown me the pain countless parents have experienced, or are currently experiencing, and I want to make sure no family is ever left with the heartbreak of a broken dream. If you put your faith in us, you are putting your family into the hands of compassionate people that have been through the same journey you are currently going through. We understand your pain and desire to have a baby to call your own.

And we will do everything we can to make that dream come true. And It will come true.

New Life is built on the foundation that you will always receive the moral, emotional, and financial support you need from the very beginning through to end of your journey. You will have answers to all your questions, because we understand how distressing it can be when you feel alone and frightened.

This is how New Life has set itself apart from other fertility clinics throughout the world. We are people, too, guided by highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, and empathetic professionals ready and eager to make your dreams come true. We are committed to doing more and doing better every day, because that is what every family deserves.

That is how we have achieved our exceptional success rates. We will never give up on your dream, and you shouldn’t either, because it’s too early to give up . There will be a happy ending to your story. You will witness the miracle of life and hold a beautiful new baby in your loving arms.

We are here for you. We will take your hand and walk with you, every step of the way. We will be by your side until your dream of parenthood becomes a true reality.

Are you ready?