IVF Legislation in Ukraine

The Family Code of Ukraine, Article 123.2. If a human embryo conceived by a couple as a result of the application of assisted reproductive technology is transferred into the body of another woman, the parents of the child are the couple.

It is permitted according to the Family Code and Order N 771 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine. Indications for surrogacy:

  • Absence of a womb (inborn or acquired)
  • Deformation of the cavity or cervix uteri, making pregnancy and delivery impossible
  • Synechi of womb cavity
  • Severe somatic diseases, making duration of pregnancy impossible
  • Multiple implantation failures connected with endometrial factor
  • The future surrogate mother should be 20-35 years old, and mentally and physically healthy. She should have at least one healthy child of her own.
Ukraine IVF Legislation

4. Order of the Justice Ministry of Ukraine № 52/5, dated 18.1.2000, “On approval of the procedure to register acts of a civil status in Ukraine”, clause 2 –  Registration of birth.
2.2. The registration of a child’s birth by the woman (donor) is realized according to the application of the couple who gave their consent for her insemination. In this case, simultaneously with the document which certifies the birth, the written consent of the woman (donor) certified by an attorney is issued; in this document, the woman (donor) gives her written consent to record the couple as the child’s parents. In this case, in the “For notes”  column, the following inscription is made: the mother of the child according to the medical certificate regarding the birth, form № 103/о-

Ukraine is one of a very few surrogacy friendly states in Europe. It does not limit surrogacy related payments and does not require legal procedures to obtain court order. No adoption of your own child is required. The recipient family creates embryos using their or donated gamets through IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) that are transferred to gestational surrogate mother.