“The biggest blessing of our lives!

We have waited, prayed and hoped for this moment for many, many years. Our journey has been both soul crushing & awe-inspiring, but in the end & against all odds we made it through, proving this mountain can be moved..and we owe all of this to New Life and our hard working and devoted coordinator, Svetlana! Thank you so much for making this dream possible!

Svetlana has done such an amazing job managing this entire process from beginning to end. She consistently went above and beyond to make sure all of our questions were answered promptly with the utmost care and exceptional detail.

Every aspect of our surrogacy journey flowed smoothly and perfectly, thanks to Svetlana! From the beginning stages back home in the United States to our final stay in Ukraine, she made sure we were always informed and well taken care of..we never felt alone. We can’t thank you enough for being our guiding light and rock! Over the years, you were our coordinator, who became a friend and who we now consider family! You deserve all the best life has to offer!

We hope our journey can inspire others to find the strength & courage to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles come your way! We highly recommend New Life for your surrogacy journey!

Love, M, T and our baby T

California, USA”