Guaranteed Surrogacy

Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program

It goes beyond saying that the Guaranteed program is very attractive to the Intended Parents after years of uncertainty and emotional tension, however they should be very attentive when considering this program to be well aware what is offered and guaranteed.
Every responsible company that has a driving force to meet the clients’ expectations makes sure, that all possible scenarios with related consequences have been considered and taken into account.
Intended Parents should be well aware that the Guaranteed program does guarantee a pregnancy and baby delivery, but there are potential risks and unfavorable circumstances that they should bear in mind.
Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Therefore, while choosing the guaranteed program, Intended Parents should ask the following questions:
Who covers the surrogate mother’s compensation in case of miscarriage or premature delivery – Intended Parents or the Guaranteed program?
Who covers the intensive care cost in case of a premature delivery?
Who covers the intensive care cost in case of stillbirth?
How much money is refundable from the guaranteed program if surrogacy is banned in the country?
Do you have an anonymous Egg donor or is it possible for Intended Parents to choose themselves?
What is the time frame of the program? How long will it take for the baby to be delivered? Is it possible for the program to be prolonged for 2-3 years without success?
What if the patient doesn’t want to wait for 2-3 years? What is the main solution in this case?
What happens if baby is delivered with genetic or non genetic abnormalities?
By choosing the Guaranteed program with New Life Ukraine, all questions will be thoroughly answered as we value a lot the Intended Parents’ trust in our company.
In the Framework of Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program New Life Ukraine offers:

  • Unlimited IVF/ICSI procedures
  • Unlimited coverage of involved medical services fees
  • Unlimited number of new egg donors if required
  • Planning the program with the possibility to choose an Egg Donor from the New Life Ukraine data base
  • Planning the program without the possibility to choose an Egg Donor from the New Life Ukraine data base but with a lower overall program price. In this case anonymous Egg Donor will be provided by the IVF clinic
  • Coverage of New IVF and Egg Donation program expenses and all involved costs, in case of miscarriage, until pregnancy is achieved

Intended Parents will be fully informed about the Guaranteed program’s legal terms, their contractual rights and obligations to ensure a smooth planning and implementation of the program.
The Guaranteed program equals to guaranteed satisfaction of the Intended Parents’ with New Life Ukraine!

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