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New Life Ukraine

Our Kiev branch is Ukraine surrogacy and egg donation center successfully operating since 2009. We have helped many parents to make their dream of parenthood come true and experienced a joy of parents’ gratefulness after having long and emotional infertility journeys… read more

Why New Life?

During past years New Life Ukraine has gained a lot of experience while dealing with intended parents of different fertility stories. What makes us special and trustworthy is that we feel the parents feelings, we share their emotions, we understand their tension and we walk with them every step they make with us… read more

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is among very few countries where surrogacy is regulated. It means that when baby is born commissioning parents are recognized as only legal parents and neither surrogate mother not the egg donor has any rights over the baby. This makes Ukraine very special and desirable destination… read more

New Life representatives are traveling to your destination

To arrange face to face meetings and walk you through the programs you are willing to perform with us.

We will be in London 17-19 November, Dubai 9-12 December and in Stockholm 15-17 December.

Please make an appointment by contacting us at email :

Welcome to New Life Ukraine

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to all whose journey has led them to The New Life Ukraine. New Life Ukraine is one of the earliest established Branches of New Life group, which is a Network of IVF Clinics, Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agencies that successfully operate in 9 Countries with shared common vision and goal.

What makes our service exceptional since then?
The long list of our priorities compiles not only the organizational skills, individual approach to every program to meet Patients’ needs and expectations. Programs’ flexibility, unlimited attempts and guaranteed options are blended with the genuine care and empathy of our professional staff members.

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