You have been the kindest person and very warm. Your job is perfect for you in your nice way to encounter women who are "in need" somehow. 

I hope i Will talk to you very soon. I too believe in darkness before dawn. I like How you express that. I Will take that with me 🙂 

All the best to you. E.

Let me tell you that we were very glad of getting to know you and your agency after having such bad experience with other contacts in Ukraine. From the very first contact with you, we felt to be in good hands and to have a faithful partner. We want to thank you a lot for your perfect support during the first stage of program..

Kindest regards and best wishes

B and A, Spain

Dear New Life international team,

Our new baby boy was just born three weeks ago and there are not enough words to describe our happiness and all of you have got part in making it happened!!!

It all started when we met Natasha and Yonni back home who told us all about New Life agency.

At the beginning we had a lot of fears but, soon we realized that the agency approach is practical and straight forward (that was a great relief for us in a very emotional process any way).

Along all the way we met professional staff of New life international agency. from the Ukraine team who recommended us the Ed, to Dr. Nana and her team from the IVF clinic which made it happened and off course Tamara and her team who allocated the right SM for us – we could not ask for better one!!

And finally, huge thanks to Ia which were for the last six month communicating with us on a regular basis, coordinating all the pregnancy medical checkup and was there for us whenever needed – Thanks! A from Israel

Please pass on a huge thank you to our egg donor. Without her, we could not even start on this path.
Plus, a big thank you to you as well, you’ve always been so helpful and provided answers quickly and I really appreciate your assistance throughout the journey.

C, Ausralia

Dear Svetlana

We would like to thank you very very much for all of your help and effort.
We really appreciate your kind and sensitive approach
It is so good to have people like you especially in this kind of situation
We hope all will go well for us
We will be happy to let you know about it

Warm regards from our side too

Take Care


Dear Svetlana,

THANK YOU! Mariam and all of us are lucky to have you. I thoroughly appreciate your immediate response! I want to express my gratitude for all your personal efforts and wish you all the very best — professionally and personally! thanks!

J, Bulgaria

Despite the situation and my low stimulation knowledge, everything run as better as we though.
I tried to do the best.
It's a luxury for me to work with a professional like you are, and also with all your team.

Thank you so much

S, Spain

Dear Sirs,

We – A. and I- can just thank everybody in New Life.

In fact, this decision was challenging for us: first of all, the long distance, because we live at the end of the world, in Argentina, a country where our physical type is not common (so donors similar to us are not available), also in most European countries (where we have family links) these medical procedures are not even allowed, or they are very restricted or not even tried, specially for senior women (such as me), then the lack of experience in medical matters, which makes more difficult for us to perform all the previous tests or even to know who or where to go to find help.

But finally it turned out to be a very pleasant experience, thanks to you all, specially to:

First of all Miss Justyne in Warsaw, where we met during our holidays, then we wrote twice a day during two whole months and she was always very patient and efficient helping us choosing the gentle donor.

Then, the doctors at the clinic in Kiev, who have a lot of experience and can immediately deal with all kind of trouble. They are really modern scientists with the best technology and specific know-how.

Last but not least, Miss Svetlana in Kiev, where she was so kind, efficient and supportive: we had never been in Ukraine and we can’t even read in Cyrillic alphabet, so we were afraid of feeling in Kiev like being in Mars. But Miss Svetlana, with infinite patience and always with a smile and sympathy, explained to us everything: about medicines, what to do and where to go next, even after the end of the procedure, making everything simple and easy. We have felt about her as if she was much more than the officer of an agency or a reproductive clinic but a true friend or even almost family for us.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend your service, to our friends and to any other couple in the world, because we know it’s all in God’s hands, but we are aware that you have done everything that is humanly possible and, in case, you will be there available to try again. I hope many other couples can become really happy thanks to your help, God bless you.

F and A, Argentina

Hi Svetlana,

We write to thank all the attention that you have spent  and for the patience you had with us. We ask you to extend our thanks to the rest of the staff of New Life. We were treated very well throughout the process. And also everything has been so good with girls.

We have been very happy and satisfied with the service we have received from New Life and especially of you. You have continuously and promptly informed of pregnancy development  so we have not been too nervous. (only a little bit) waiting the moment of the birth.

We will be happy to recommend to other couples in order to thinking about New Life to fulfill his dream, so if you want we will be glad to explain our experiences. 

We have achieved our dream, and our family project has been met thanks to you. You and the rest of New Life will be in our memories and our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Bye Svetlana!!

X y Ana, Spain

I much appreciate your complete disposal and help.
In this world it’s difficult to find people as reliable, conscientious and efficient as you.
It was an enormous pleasure to work with you and I hope to meet each other in the future.

My best wishes. Enric