Various sources of funding and payment options for fertility tourism

Customers prefer fertility treatment abroad because of the cheaper prices and at the same time the quality of treatment is much advanced and better compared to the clinics back home.
Besides the quality and cost advantages there are yet other factors that attract customers to foreign clinics. One is the legal side. There are many legal complications that you cannot avoid in the fertility clinic of your country since these clinics operate within the framework of your country’s legislation.  In many countries, surrogacy services are prohibited by law hence the local intending parents look elsewhere.  Similar issues are faced by same sex couples and parents suffering from sexual diseases where they are denied treatment in clinics of their own country.

Having selected your destination country to have fertility treatment and worked out your expenses budget next you put your deliberations on the mode of payment in which you got to make payment for your fertility treatment trip expenses.

Funding sources

There are different options to make payments. Some would prefer to pay from their own resources. Some would look at their relatives for financial support. Some would even consider taking loans and financial assistance from Banks and financial institutions that have set up special cells to support fertility treatment tourists going abroad.

Health Insurance
Health insurance is a very popular instrument that gives ample coverage to your fertility costs. Insurance providers have begun to include fertility treatment expenses in their business policies. By paying a regular premium you get the support of insurance companies to take care of the bulk of fertility treatment expenses when you really need them badly.

Loan from employer

You can take loan from your office and ask your employer for a monthly equated deduction from your salary over a period of time mutually agreed upon. You need to put forward your case to your employer convincingly. When you mention the fact that for treatment you are compelled to go abroad your employer will consider your case seriously. You also need to convey him the cost advantages of undergoing treatment abroad. It will bring a significant savings in outlay. This last line will definitely interest the employer as it will lead to paying out lesser amount of cash. You also need to convince your employer substantiating the fact that the foreign fertility clinic that you have selected has an astounding success rate and a much better health care system.



Government fund

Well there are even countries where the government has allocated an entire treasury for taking care of the citizens undergoing fertility treatment whether in a foreign country or in home soil. The thing is you got to know the right policies and build a rapport with the concerned departments.

Payment Options

There are various options available for you to pay for your fertility treatment expenses abroad.

-You may utilize your company medical claim policy. But before doing that, ensure that the type of fertility treatment you are heading for is adequately taken care of by the existing policy.

-You may even opt to make your payments through credit cards. You need to ensure whether the clinic or other service providers like a facilitator who are connected with the treatment procedure accept payment through credit cards.

-Net banking and RTGS money transfer are other smooth ways of payment transfer. You need to calculate the exchange rates properly while making the transfer,

-In case the amount to be paid is huge look for clinics that offer flexible payment options. They have the approved system where you pay their bills over easy and convenient installments.

-You can pay through fertility tourism intermediaries as well. Special organizations and medical service providers operating in the domain of fertility tourism have set up loan disbursement cells.