Tips for Painless Surrogacy Journey

It is a generous and selfless act of a woman to act as a surrogate mother. She gives her mind, body, and soul to nurture the baby of another family. She dedicates her body conceive for a childless couple and give them a baby.
The noble cause of surrogacy has its own set of challenges. Surrogate mothers go through a lot of pain in the entire journey of carrying the gestation and delivering the baby successfully. There are a lot of precautions to be taken to make this journey a little easy for her. We have discussed tips for painless surrogacy journey for the surrogate mother through this article.
Mental Preparation for The Surrogacy Journey
It is important for the surrogate mother to go through certain counseling before the initiation of the program. This helps her prepare yourself for the job. These sessions are reality checks for the surrogate mothers who have an agreed to this only on affectionate grounds.
Legal Preparation for The Surrogacy Journey
Once you have decided to become a surrogate mother you have to consider the litigation related to it. Sit with your lawyer and discuss everything in detail with him. Hire him to represent you in the negotiation with the other parties.
Surrogacy laws are different in a different nation. As a surrogate mother, you must learn about the surrogacy litigation that you have to abide by. Remember that you are not going to have any guardianship over the baby. Prepare yourself accordingly and do not let any emotional wave disturb your professional commitment.
Make sure that you have mentioned that terms of terminating the pregnancy in case it is affecting your health. There can be undeniable possibilities of aborting the baby in case the surrogate mother’s health is at risk. The contract agreement should have the intended parents’ consent regarding search abortion. Your legal representation should be strong enough to establish your interests.
Preparing Yourself Medically
As you have decided to be a surrogate for a childless couple, you must accept the embryo in your uterus. There are risk and side effects related to the surrogacy procedure that you should be aware of. You must medically prepare yourself to support the embryo and develop it into pregnancy. Being a surrogate mother is a vital responsibility. You are not only lending your womb to the childless couple but are taking the entire responsibility for the baby’s health during the gestation period. If you take care of your medical preparation better, you can proceed towards a painless surrogacy.
Blood Draws
Blood draws are done at the starting of the surrogacy journey to ascertain the health of the surrogate mother. This diagnosis is executed to evaluate your capacity to shelter and embryo for the entire duration of gestation. The diagnosis can bring some amount of discomfort in you as it uses a needle. You might have mild bruising at the site after the needle is removed. Cold compressions are effective in providing relief after such procedure.
Remember the fact that doctor attending you are working with the greatest motivation to save you from any unnecessary pain. They provide you with superior medical facilities without any delay. Surrogate mothers are treated with care and compassion by everyone in the medical clinics. You will get all of them along with a lot of love to ease your pain.
Hormonal Injections
Now, this is one of the least pleasant aspects for the surrogate mother to prepare herself to receive the embryo. The surrogacy medications that she must take before receiving the embryo can alter her hormones. She can experience a little imbalance in her hormone level.
There are self-administered injections that the surrogate mother must take. These injections are to be taken thrice over the course of several weeks to prepare for the embryo transfer. The surrogate experiences discomfort related to such injections. There are many pain relievers to reduce the needle pain.
It is important for the surrogate mother to know about all pain-relieving medications beforehand. This will help her to get relief from extreme pain or discomfort at any point in time during the gestation.
Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and meditation are effective ways to combat all the discomfort originating in the body due to hormonal imbalances. Yoga prepares the body and makes it stress-free. It releases tension and comforts the surrogate mother. Meditation brings in positive energy into her and influences her spirit in a positive way.
Responsibilities of The Intended Parents and Medical Facilitator
It is very important for the intended parents to take care of the surrogate during her gestation. They should not forget the fact that the surrogate mother is providing them with a divine gift in the form of their baby. There should be cautious towards her in every phase of the surrogacy journey and provide all required medical facilities to her.