”We had an absolutely amazing experience with New Life Ukraine and simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Svetlana and her colleague Anna! This is our second journey, we had another one with a different company in another country and it makes our other experience pale in comparison. Svetlana went so far above and beyond helping us through our journey, it just made all of the difference! She turned what could have been a very difficult time into a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Starting from the very beginning, from our first emails we were very impressed with the level of communication – so very personable, never miss a thing, very prompt to respond, very thorough at answering all of our questions, doing extra research to answer some of them. She even helped us make some difficult decisions/choices. We always got very detailed updates, we also had some special requests and she worked with us on all of them, she made sure everything was just the way we wanted it. Things got difficult for us at the end when our twins arrived a little earlier that expected, and before we were able to arrive Svetlana and Anna were buying, washing and ironing their clothes, getting their food and medications, making sure they were taken care of and had everything they needed and sending us very very detailed updates on everything. I want to specifically mention the way Svetlana communicated with me during that emotional time – she would put something like ‘everything is good with babies’ and a smiley face in the subject so my heart doesn’t go sinking every time I got an email from her. The heart would still go sinking but would stop and get somewhat back after reading that subject line and then I would be able to more calmly proceed to reading the rest of the email  Thank you very much Svetlana for caring, that meant so much to us!

Svetlana and Anna helped us in every possible way while we were there – they helped us find an apartment, make appointments, we were having trouble getting a local phone so Svetlana called taxi for us on multiple occasions. I also wanted to get some dental work done while we were in Ukraine, so Svetlana researched and found a wonderful doctor, made my appointments, and then made sure to remind me about them! Any time we had a question about anything or needed help she was there for us, responding to our calls and messages pretty much instantly almost every time. And she would always call to check on us to see how we were doing! Svetlana is beyond amazing, she pours her heart and sole into what she does and there is so much warmth about her! Not for a second did we feel like we were alone, instead we felt like we were surrounded by a loving caring family.

As I mentioned earlier, that was our second surrogacy journey, and everything considered should probably be our last one but the experience we had here really makes me want to do it again (my husband will be scared when he reads this part :))
From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!!!! ”

T and C, from USA