Successful German Couple about their Surrogacy Journey at New Life Ukraine

Successful German couple share their amazing testimonial to us and to other intended parents. We feel most honoured for being chosen by them and forever grateful for below lovely words.

”Since the first day we have been in contact with Svetlana we always had a good feeling. That was very important for us and the reason to choose the Ukraine and New Life for this life changing project. Svetlanas professional, quick and always warm hearted replys gave us confidence even in complicated situations.
Svetlana helped us with our decisions, she answered to all of our questions, she knew in each situation who could provide necessary information. She helped us finding a perfect surrogate mother who really fits to us!

Although we were in a completely foreign country, we felt convenient. At every day, to every time at day or even at night Svetlana answered to our questions, she helps us with really everything. If we need a taxi driver, a translator, a date with the doctors, contact to a nurse,…. Svetlana is great in organization. She had even the time to help us with necessary things in the maternity house after baby birth.
Because of her help we were able to organize almost all necessary documents in advance, hence we had a relaxed and joyful time in Kiev. For a German couple with a highly need of security it is not quite natural to inspire so much confidence that they can ignore the conflict in the eastern Ukraine and the problems some years ago in Kiev. Svetlana made it easy for us as everything else. We are deeply grateful and would definitely recommend New Life Ukraine to anybody asking. With Svetlana we could concentrate on the newborn and enjoy every moment…
We wish all searching couples to get in touch with your company and to fulfill their dream. And to have the big pleasure to get assistance from Svetlana 🙂
I and P, Germany’’