Relax! Your Surrogate Is Pregnant Now!

The journey of parenthood for an infertile couple is an expedition! Literally, it is. It begins with the news of infertility. It grows with the mental tension, emotional worries, and social pressure. It strikes to reality with the fertility treatment and cycles of IVF attempts. It shakes you with the failed attempts of IVF trials. It finally puts you in a major dilemma of going for a surrogacy.
A new series of worries and anxiety begins as you begin your surrogacy procedure. You remain anxious about who will be your surrogate mother. You are worried about the best donor matches and desirable features in the donor. After a long struggle, you finally sort everything. Things begin to fall in place and your surrogate gets pregnant! Feeling relieved? Yes, it gives a thrilling happiness as you hear the news of your surrogate getting pregnant. But wait! This is not the end to your worries. Well, actually this is a new chapter in your life that brings in new anxieties and worries to you.
We have come across a lot of intended parents who have experienced a higher level of stress and worries after their surrogates have become pregnant. As per human psychology, we tend to hold on to the happiness when it is very near. Intended parents are a little far from the big happiness that is developing in the surrogate’s womb each day. This builds up stress and everyday-tension in the intended parents. This is a very natural phenomenon. There is nothing to be worried about it. It is a part of the emotion that has been built over this period of time. Relax! Everything is going to be fine.
The major cause of this stress for the intended parents is the fear of miscarriage. So many surrogate mothers go through miscarriage due to several reasons, sometimes for even unknown reasons. There can be unknown reasons for such miscarriages. And this can be the end of all the efforts that intended parents have put through the journey. Thus, they remain anxious about it. Even the best of efforts and care cannot control the miscarriages. The best way to handle this phase is to remain calm and stay positive. Positive thinking always brings you positive results. Remember, your fertility expert is working for you to take the best care of your surrogate. Your surrogate is also a chosen professional for this divine service and she also knows how to take the best care of her. So unnecessarily worrying will only add to your stress. Here we have discussed the best things that you could do during this time:
Spend Time with Your Surrogate
If you want to enjoy the gestation, at least you can be with the surrogate mother and take care of her. This way you will be able to feel each moment of the gestation and witness the development of the baby inside the surrogate.
Try Yoga
Yoga is a great way to release your stress. You can try yoga and other stress releasing meditations to control your anxiety and stay positive. This gives you a lot of physical and mental strength.
Speak To the Fertility Expert
Whenever in doubt, speak to your fertility expert and clear all of them. Visit the counselor to speak your heart out. Once you get to share your emotions with someone, you ease yourself in a better way.
Stay Away From Unnecessary Assumptions
Now, this is one important thing to implement in your life when you are in a process of surrogacy. Do not indulge in unnecessary thoughts and begin to find answers for them. This only fills your mind with rubbish and scares you to the core. Stick to the basics. Remember, this is the most that you can do. So, have trust in you and do not let any negativity enter you.
Have Faith
Believing is the first step of creation. Believe in your dream and put your best efforts. As you visualize the dream, it will come true as a result of the law of attraction. So you have to remain positive and let the cosmic energy do the magic.
Ending Words
The surrogacy agency has a major role to play in the entire procedure. You have to choose the surrogacy agency correctly to get the best outcomes. Spend time in reading reviews and testimonials of various surrogacy agencies. Speak to the counselors and decide wisely.