How to Combat the Risks of Surrogacy Program

Many infertile couples have been going for surrogacy in order to have a genetically connected child. Surrogacy procedure is often taken by couples who have been tired of failed pregnancies through IVF procedure. This is the time when they remain most sensitive to become parents, and at the same time remain restless due to the previous failed experiences. It will not be too much to say that intended couples remain mentally vulnerable during this time as they have almost lost all of their energies, major part of their money and a lot of trusts.
While choosing surrogacy, it is important for intended parents to go through every clause and details of the surrogacy agency before signing up. As a matter of fact, intended couples look for a dependable shoulder during this time. They have the mental set up of a soldier lost in the battle and giving his final shot to recover from it. This is the best time for the surrogacy agencies to make them understand anything that they want. Intended couples remain far from rationality during this time and the only thing they are looking for now is “dependency”. It is when some cheats win them over with bunches of false promises.
There are several factors that surrogacy agencies tell lies on to the intended parents. With the growing numbers of surrogacy agencies in the fertility business these days, it is difficult to understand which one is genuine and which one is not. Surrogacy agencies are growing like mushrooms in many nations. Most of them lack the necessary accreditations and documentation. They can fool the intended parents in the following ways:
By Offering Low Prices
It is important to be rational while choosing a surrogacy plan for yourself. Price is one of the biggest factors that we understand. But, it should not be the prime criteria to be dealt with. You should be more careful regarding the things the surrogacy agency is offering you at a low cost. Think rationally that why and how they can offer a low price to you on certain things.
By Providing False Documents
Documentation is a major part of the surrogacy litigations. Unless you are given proper documents of the contract, egg/sperm/embryo donation papers and birth certificate of the baby with you and your partner’s name as the legal guardian, the surrogacy procedure is not considered to be completed. Hence, you have to be very careful regarding every bit of paper that you have been issued by the surrogacy agency. Also, do not forget to verify each of them by concerned authorized departments.
Non-Genetic Ties between the Child and the Intended Parents
There have been many cases where surrogacy agencies do not fulfill the commitment of completing the surrogacy procedure with sperm/egg/embryo taken from the intended parents. Intended parents are fooled by given other sperm/egg/embryo even after promising to use it from them. Intended parents have to be conscious and learned about the procedure details to catch such malefic practices.
Not Taking Care of the Surrogates
Surrogacy agencies that grow up here and there do have proper infrastructure for the surrogate mothers. They are often neglected and not given the required medical attention from time to time. Also, they are denied the promised reimbursements for food and shelter. This has major impacts on the gestation and the health of both the child and the surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers are even reported to intoxicate themselves in the absence of a proper tracking system. They are left on their own and, hence, many of them do not duly follow the contract.
What Are The Recommended Remedies To Avoid Such Risks?
The only way to avoid these risks of cheats, frauds, and scamsters is to keep your eyes and ears open as you go for the surrogacy program. Evaluate every aspect of the surrogacy contract and think rationally. Do not go for saving a little money. Remember, that would cost you more in long run.
The easiest way to avoid such risks is to choose a reputed surrogacy agency that has been operating with for quite some time. The Internet is all open for you to read the testimonials left by previous intended parents who by now are successful parents.