One of the most difficult aspects about being infertile is having to deal with the uncertainty of the reproductive cycle! While life is often uncertain, and medicine can never offer exact precision, this uncertainty means the process is extremely stressful for many couples.

The medical risks while undergoing IVF at a reputable clinic are extremely small. The major risk is financial and emotional. Many intended parents would be willing to accept the monetary risk, if they could reduce their emotional downside – if they could be assured they would get pregnant after investing all the time, money and energy an IVF cycle demands.

“Guaranteed Pregnancy” Unfortunately, it is not possible to promise a successful cycle on the first attempt, but we can guarantee high quality, absolute dedication and patient guidance. Thus expectations are always met and there are no unexpected surprises during our relationship with our intended parents.

The majority of our intended parents who had or are having a Surrogacy/Egg Donation Program with us were successful on their first or second attempt. However, In order to maintain transparency in our relationships with Intended Parents, we advise that cycles can fail and we advise accordingly to prepare our parents in advance:

  • IVF has a limited success rate and that there are no guarantees in medicine
  • You may need to be financially and emotionally ready for further fresh IVF Cycles if required
  • Some of our parents take the option of having two Surrogate mothers simultaneously. In this case fresh embryos are transferred to both surrogates and the success rate rises considerably. 95% of our patients who decided on this option were successful on their first attempt, and 5% on their second attempt. Please be aware that having two Surrogate mothers simultaneously can also result in 2 confirmed pregnancies . We do not support the idea of abortion and parents are contractually obliged to keep all babies and finance both pregnancies.
  • We screen our egg donors and Surrogate mothers very carefully and reject and remove those candidates we do not feel are appropriate. 80% of our Egg donors are experienced donors whose cycles have resulted in pregnancy, and have produced 15-25 high quality eggs. This is why known clinics world-wide recommend our Egg Donor Services ( to their patients and highly regarded fertility physicians requests our donors to fly to their clinic abroad..
  • Some clinics offer guaranteed quantity of eggs which we cannot offer to our patients for several reasons. First of all in spite of the fact that risk of empty follicles is very rare and complication when donor ends up with 0 follicle is 1 percent – still such complication exists. How we can guarantee eggs to those patients who’s egg donor ends up with 0 egg , who;s egg we can use in this case? Non of our patient participates in shared egg donor program and of course we can not take other patients eggs on behalf of another patient. Also all of our intended parents are very carefully selecting the donors according to the photos. In order to secure the transparency process we even do not accept Egg donor compensation on our account and thus patient directly pays to her Egg donor. This means that we can not offer black eyed egg donor eggs to the patient if she/he has blue eyed egg donor. These are the reason why eggs logically cannot be guaranteed if someone has this or that particular egg donor.