Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page is for bringing out all the latent queries that may be haunting the minds of the intended parents. Let us take a glance at the set of possible FAQ’s and the answers to them


Q: What would a surrogate mother in Ukraine be like?

A surrogate mother would fall in the age group of 25 to 35 years and will have at least one healthy child of her own. The surrogate mother will be subjected to medical screening to test for infectious diseases and other necessary scans. Our surrogate mother would be a teetotaler and we would also subject her to psychological evaluation.


Q: Can I have a cost and time estimate of a surrogacy program?

Price would naturally fluctuate depending upon the type of package concerned. Regarding specific features of the program span and plan of payment you are advised to contact us.


Q: What is the fee payment program?

Depending upon the type of the package, the schedule of payments will normally be over by 3 to 4 installments.


Q: What will be the expense for undergoing an extra IVF effort?

The first IVF is taken care of in our package fee. If the first attempt does not meet success, you need to pay the charge of the clinic for subsequent IVF attempts


Q: How much support can I expect from you regarding logistic issue?

Regarding logistic issue you will get full assistance. Processing of VISA to Ukraine, fixing up of a good accommodation, arranging for language interpreters and even organizing your sightseeing will be well taken care of by us.


Q: What will be the frequency of my visit to Ukraine to pursue a successful surrogacy program and what will be the duration of each visit?

The initial visit would be for submitting sperms and/or egg extraction in case you have hired the services of an egg donor. The stay would normally take up 3 to 5 days. You will have to visit Ukraine for the second time just before the child is born after which you will take its possession.

This will be a prolonged one roughly extending into a fortnight and it will need your completion of all our formalities as you take possession of the new born and leave for your home. This will again depend upon the legal proceedings here in Ukraine as well as in your own country.


Q: Do I need a VISA to Ukraine?

It is to be specifically noted that all the citizens belonging to EU nations, US, Japan, Switzerland and CIS (previously USSR)will not require any VISA. For citizens belonging to countries other than those already mentioned VISA is mandatory and will be a week’s matter.


Q: What are the procedures for getting an appointment to the clinic?

All appointments of the client and the surrogate mother with the clinic will be arranged by us stepwise.


Q: Does Newlife clinic guarantee success of the birth of a baby like many other clinics do?

Every clinic strives for a successful baby birth. But nothing can be guaranteed as there is always a luck factor that is involved. In certain cases, success comes in the first attempt whereas there are cases where clients need to go for further attempts.


Q: Prior to going for the program, are there any other tests to be conducted?

Separate sets of tests are to be conducted for both the couple. For the husband HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C tests and sperm count tests are to be conducted. For the wife, tests like vaginal ultra-sonography, blood type, Rhesus factor, screening for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, gram strain smear test and clinical blood analysis need to be done.


Q: Will there be any legal problems if we go for surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is not bound with legal restrictions provided the intended couple is legally married. Right from the conception to child birth, the intended parents will be considered as the legal parents of the baby born from a surrogate mother. However, certain documents regarding the consent and expenses are to be finalized while going for surrogacy.