Our experience with New Life was great

Our experience with New Life was great. From the first contact with the agency, the communication was always very fluid; we were very well informed and advised throughout the whole process. Svetlana was always very kind and supportive.

Our baby was born a little bit before her due date, so she stayed in the maternity house for a couple of weeks. Their personal was also outstanding. We had a chance to set ourselves up in Kiev while visiting her everyday. Beautiful city, by the way.

When our baby was finally discharged from the maternity house, we spend a couple of amazing weeks with her, sleeping less than ever but bonding with our lovely daughter, far from our everyday life at home. What a magical bubble to live in!

Svetlana helped us a lot with the important things, like documents and medical stuff, but also with every detail of life in Kiev. And she checked on us all the time, even once we came back home!

We highly recommend surrogacy in Ukraine, as well as NLU. And we’ll have a fond memory of Svetlana…our daughter’s Ukrainian aunt!

I. and L, from US.”