Communication with a Surrogate Mother during a Pregnancy

Intended Parents are always welcome to meet their surrogate mother, before and during the pregnancy. This meeting could be very emotional and because of this, it is sometimes difficult for everyone to fully express their sentiments, to give strength and moral support to each other. And here, once again, the third party becomes vital, the Agency staff, who in-between conversations, assists them feel less awkward, instead more social and comfortable.

So what happens when the first victory is celebrated and pregnancy is achieved? Here starts the period of mixed feelings, full of joy and fear for Intended Parents when every day and week is counted, when every moment matters and each single day means a step closer to happy end of the journey of surrogacy.

In most cases Intended Parents live far away from their Surrogate Mother and would like to be in touch with her, express genuine care and support to make her feel confident and that they treasure and value her enormously. They like to stay close and receive updated information after every medical checkup and ultrasound.

How should they communicate with their surrogate mother?

For every professional Surrogacy Agency, the patients’ satisfaction with the professional service offered by the company, is the greatest reward. The Agency, as an intermediary, ensures the information flows without impediments and delays to the patients’ and meets their needs and expectations. It conveys the patients the medical tests and every ultrasound result starting with the news on the first heart beat till the date of baby delivery. Many Agencies have special policies regulated by contract terms that envisage some guidelines to make and keep the communication process balanced and well-structured during the pregnancy.

Therefore, Intended Parents are always strongly advised to communicate with their surrogate mother through the Agency, as it has several advantages.
This is also very convenient due to the language barrier and possible cultural differences in customs that may arise in communication between Intended Parents and their Surrogate Mother.
Most importantly, while having direct contact with the patients, surrogates may start sharing their personal stories non-intentionally that naturally causes the Intended Parents to be more empathetic, which might lead to favors that they are not contractually obliged to do.       
So it may seem very congenial for Intended Parents to stay in touch with their surrogate mothers even through social media, but they should realize that this is for the benefit of all parties involved, to allow the Agency to act as an intermediary between them and fulfill its responsibilities. Intended Parents are able to request a skype conversation any time in presence of the Pregnancy Care Coordinator who will facilitate with translation or plan arrival and arrange the meeting during the pregnancy.
So if the Intended Patients have planned a program and trusted the Agency in the past, without any regret, they should trust them once again to balance the process of communication, especially after their dedication, passion and hard work that made the program successful and made their dream come true.

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