Combating Dishonesty of Fertility Clinics in Egg Donation

We have emphasized in many of our blogs about the ethical approach of various fertility clinics operating globally. We have constantly updated our readers with the unethical practices followed by various reputed fertility clinics.
It is important for intended parents to understand the importance of ethics in this treatment. There are many fertility clinics that do not follow the current guidelines and principles of the treatment and intended parents have to suffer drastically because of that.
Egg donation is one of the major elements of an IVF cycle. Intended parents prefer to have an egg Donor of their own choice. It is important for them to have an egg Donor matching with their expectation. They emphasize the fact that the egg Donor should have similar attributes that they have and prefer. During this quest, intended parents put up a lot of effort in finding the right egg Donor for them.
There have been shocking reports from much-reputed fertility clinics that the eggs from the chosen egg donor have been shuffled with others with immensely wrong intention. This is a very unethical practice by any fertility clinic to actually cheat intended parents who have trusted them with all their emotions and money.
It is not always possible for the intended parents to keep a track on the eggs chosen by the fertility experts during their IVF cycle. Even if they are smart enough to locate the eggs they have contributed, the people into the business are smarter than them to forge them. There are a number of stages where the fertility clinic maintains privacy and not allow the intended parents to confront them in that section. This is where they can shuffle the good quality eggs and simply put an excuse to the intended parents.
What should an intended parent do?
Awareness is the key to save you from any dishonesty in the fertility treatment. You have to be very aware of the rules and regulations followed at the fertility clinic that you are associated with. You have to remain focused at every meeting session with the doctors, expert, and legal manager of the clinic.
This will help you to locate flaws in their approach if there are any signs of dishonesty in them.
Apart from this, you can always include the clause of DNA matching test with the egg Donor and the baby born out of the IVF treatment in the contract that you sign with the clinic. This is a vital point that will restrict the clinic from being dishonest with the egg transfer.
However, it is always important for the intended parents to research well before registering themselves for any fertility treatment. It is important not only because there are a lot of emotions involved in it but there is a risk of big money associated with the entire procedure as well. You have to do your homework well and know about the reputation of any fertility clinic that you are on for a consideration. Read about the patient testimonials left by previous intended parents to know about real feedback about them. In case testimonials are not available on their website; you can always ask the authorities to provide you with testimonials of previous intended parents. This will help you evaluate them better and come to a concrete conclusion.
At NewLife, we believe in complete transparency in every section of the procedure. We include every detail in the concept that we sign with the intended parents. Our support staffs are always there to explain every clause to the intended parents before they make their signatures on the contract. Our legal assistant team is neutral and satisfied every minor query of the intended parent. Not only at the time of initiating the procedure, have we committed to communicating with the intended parents at every point of the treatment procedure.