Choosing the Right Surrogate Mother

I should rear, but who should bear my baby?

This is the one of the most common questions that comes to a mind of the Intended Parent.

Heart-rending emotions, fears and desperation may end up with only one solution. As they think more on this solution, this question becomes more vital: WHO should bear my baby? Who makes possible to fulfill the most cherished dream of my life? 

The only solution for couples with infertility to build a family is granted by a Surrogate Mother who inevitably becomes the part of their lives.

After the first question ‘who’, they start thinking about her age, height, weight, appearance, lifestyle, marital status, moreover, how trustful, reliable, responsible, caring is she and all this thought are very natural and understandable. The answers to these questions raise the confidence and settle the doubts that they are on the right way on their surrogacy journey.

We may list the frequently asked questions: Why she decided to do surrogacy? Does her family support her? Is she mentally and/or physiologically ready to be bear a baby without any genetic linkage? Has she ever had past experiences with surrogacy? They set age limit and request the surrogate mother below 30 whereas there are so many successful programs with live birth with the surrogates above 30. They get interested even in every minor details including her haircut, especially after receiving her profile with photos from the Agency, but what matters most of all to be successful?

What to keep in mind when choosing a surrogate? Who should have the final say?

Every Intended Parent is advised to pay attention to the surrogate mother’s selection process as keeping a close eye is vital for a smooth procedure. They should always bear in mind that the surrogate mother is not registered in the Agency database based on their appearance and is assigned to the program only according to the doctor’s recommendation.

IVF doctor observes her medical history, current health condition, endometrium lining and judge her readiness for the program based on the medical data after passing all mandatory tests including infectious diseases as this is the focal point to make decision and give recommendation. 

How does it work and how long does it last?

Intended Parents should not forget that they have the right to request the recently done medical tests results before the programs starts. They are able to have the list of all medications prescribed by the doctor for the surrogate mother.

They have the possibility to be ‘curios observers’ of the preparation process and its progress after every repeated check up.

The preparation process takes about two weeks and during this period of time the surrogate mother regularly visits the clinic during the preparation to be examined by the doctor in order to check the endometrium thickness and adherence to medications that stipulates the endometrium growth to conceive the embryo. BUT if the surrogate does not respond to the medications and if the endometrium lining is not increased well enough, doctor always recommends to replace the surrogate mother which is the common practice. This is the case when the back up plan comes into force that is very important while having the fresh program.

Intended Parents are always advised to follow the doctor’s recommendations at every stage of the preparation as the whole staff is focused on receiving  the best possible results with so many issues being involved in the process like success rate, professional customers service, responsibility toward the clients, company image and reputation.

First be responsible to others to have loyalty from others! This is our motto and read our blogs to get professional and useful advises about surrogacy! 🙂