Here is my experience with NLU & Viktoria Clinic:

From Day 1 of contacting New Life, I have had a wonderful experience. Everyone involved in the process has been extremely helpful, attentive, responsive and thorough. All of my questions were addressed and answered, and after doing much research, I felt comfortable signing on with them.

To get started with the process, I decided to do a cycle in the US and ship embryos to Ukraine. However, the cycle did not yield good results and I decided that I wanted to do my next cycle at the clinic associated with New Life Ukraine (Viktoria Clinic) to see if I would have better results and the convenience of not having to ship them.

After the contracts were signed, I was put in contact with Mariam who has been wonderful. She kept in touch with me and the doctor to effectively coordinate starting a cycle there in a very short amount of time. She made sure that we were all set up when we got there and was very thorough with her instructions as to what was needed and what needed to be done prior to our arrival.

I arrived at the clinic on day 8 of my cycle and met her there in person for the first time. She was always there with me at every appointment and gave me her undivided attention. She had direct communication with the doctor and made sure that everyone was on the same page. The clinic was very clean and good with precautions relating to Covid. At no time, did I feel uncomfortable. Additionally, I never had to wait very long at each appointment. I saw the doctor (Dr. Burmistrova) at each appointment and she was very pleasant, as well.

During my retrieval, I was explained the process and felt that I was very prepared. All of the staff involved made sure that I was very comfortable and kept me very informed. The retrieval itself went smoothly and I was in no discomfort at any point. If I have to do another cycle in the future, I would most definitely do it again at Viktoria Clinic with Dr. Burmstova. Overall, my experience has been unmatched to clinics here in the US. The amount of attention, detail and expertise is the best I have seen in medicine.

And on a side note, Kiev was wonderful and I very much enjoyed my stay there. It full of culture, very clean, safe and enjoyable. I cannot wait to go back!