Why New Life

New Life Story

All of us have personal stories to share that captivate the mind and touch the heart.
New Life story is a long list of emotional experiences based on hard work and dedication, empathy and passion to help the couples with fertility problems to make their dream come true.

By sharing our stories, we spread the message that a responsible, caring and friendly approach to your client is the ideal way for any company to stay highly-valued in a competitive environment. These principles contributed a lot to build the network of partnership and friendship now known as New Life Family.

Our story:

  • We’ve never had a case of newborns having genetic abnormalities
  • We’ve never had a case when the surrogate tried to claim the baby
  • We’ve had more than 7000 surrogacy/egg donation babies and not a single patient has ever been stuck in any country where New Life operates
  • We have overcome surrogacy crackdown in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and our Intended Parents have never felt abandoned and all of them left the countries successfully with healthy babies
  • We never had any complaints to refund the program to the patients after a surrogacy ban in any country where New Life branches have operated. All of them received a full refund after the surrogacy crackdown
  • We never had a case of the baby stillbirth
  • We never had a case of the surrogate dying upon delivery
  • We never had a case when the surrogate was abandoned or neglected by her own family as all of them have full support from family members and close relatives. New Life makes sure that the surrogate feels comfortable and is looked after by her close ones before registering in the data base
  • We never had a case of drug/alcohol and cigarette consumption by the surrogates during the pregnancy. New Life performs random examinations at the National Forensic Bureau to meet the patients’ expectations.
  • We’ve never had a court case with the Intended Parents, Surrogate Mother or Egg Donor and make sure that contractual responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner by all parties involved
  • We take our Surrogates’ and Egg Donors’ satisfaction most seriously and we’ve never had any complaints from them regarding the service we provide. We are striving to make the whole process comfortable for them and make them feel confident that their involvement in the program is highly-valued.
  • We’ve never encountered the case when DNA tests do not match the Intended Parents
  • We have many successful returned Intended Parents who planned repeated programs to have siblings for their babies