Travel and accommodation arrangement — Booking the flight and accommodation

When you have decided to travel abroad for fertility treatment, you got to plan a hassle free trip. Reaching the destination availing the best mode of travel and placing yourself in a comfortable accommodation are the prime requirements based on which you can execute the successive steps of fertility treatment. You need to plan this with utmost accuracy balancing your time management as well.

Time management in flights-
This is certainly not a big deal especially if you reside in a city where you can expect direct flights to your fertility treatment destination. If you are residing in smaller cities, your flight will hop over and additional time requirement should be factored into your program.

The following guidelines would certainly help in planning your travel:
-Countries have their own set of rules and regulations for international travel and much of your travel arrangements will be affected by them.

-You should be prudent enough to get coverage of travel insurance. This will insulate you from unforeseen mishaps like cancellation of flights or delays. Get updates on flight cancellation policy of the airlines you have chosen to book your flight. A fertility tourism facilitator would manage this efficiently.  Else you can do it on your own through internet booking or through a travel agent.

-There are some airlines that charge you extra in your flight booking process. Get the correct picture of your travelling expenses which you need to factor in your budget.

-Opt for booking those flights which have sufficient time during layovers.

-Ensure the quality of service and comfort offered by the airline. Being on schedule is another important factor that makes a lot of difference between one air-carrier and the other.

Prioritizing health

Since you are travelling for fertility treatment, proper health care is the top priority. Long flights are tiring causing jet lag which is not at all a healthy experience. So try to avoid booking long flights. Look for business class ones which will assure you more space and comfort during flight. Comparative cost may be more in this case but your health is above all considerations.

Fixing the accommodation – Meeting your requirements and expenses

Meeting the specialist as per scheduled appointment, waiting for your turn for check up, undergoing multiple tests and scans can be exhausting. To minimize this stress, booking the right type of accommodation is an absolute necessity that will provide you the desired comfort. The following points should be duly considered before booking an accommodation.

-Your accommodation should be located near the fertility clinic so that you don’t lose precious time on travelling to and fro. This will also save your transportation costs.

-Your accommodation should have an easy access to transport facilities. Location at the heart of the city would be ideal.

-It should be located in a safe and secured area.

Accommodation booking can be done smoothly well in advance through the internet. You may choose to take help of your facilitator or a travel agent.

-Avoid booking expensive accommodation as this will over shoot your budget.

-In case you are not on an urgent trip, planning it during lean tourist season will reduce your accommodation expenses. You may get the best paying the least.

-Plan your trip accordingly so that you will not have to stay abroad for a longer period than requiredd.

-If you are revisiting the clinic abroad, choose to book the same accommodation where you checked in last time provided you didn’t face any bad experience. This will give you additional mental comfort and you may strike a better rate.

-Grab an opportunity to avail reward programs. A lot of hotels having business networks have free rewards programs. You can collect points by booking hotel rooms or shopping with a hotels’ partner company. Once you accumulate points, you can earn a free hotel stay.

-Explore for credit cards affiliated with the hotel’s reward programs. When you make purchases with the card, you gain points towards a free hotel stay.

-While booking an accommodation, check all that are included within the accommodation rental like complimentary breakfast, laundry, car rental etc. This may save your extra expenditure.

-Before you embark on your fertility treatment trip, do an online exploration for coupons for your vacation to strike upon deals and discounts. This is a money saving technique on booking an accommodation abroad.