Planning the IVF With Egg Donation Program

IVF programs can be planned differently according to the needs and condition of the Intended Parents. In this case, we are going to discuss the occurrence, when an Intended Mother can carry a pregnancy, but the eggs have to be provided by the egg donor.

When does this happen?

A female may have a low ovarian reserve, which means that there is no sufficient amount of eggs in her ovaries in order to ensure moderate to high chances of pregnancy. Low ovarian reserve is generally caused by the ovarian aging.

Meanwhile, the very same female may have an absolutely healthy uterus and endometrial lining. This is the sign that her body may be in an absolutely suitable condition for carrying a baby. In this case, it is reasonable to plan an IVF program with egg donation.

Requirements for an Intended Mother

Before the embryo transfer takes place and an Intended Mother receives embryos, IVF clinic has to ensure that her body is absolutely ready for the procedure. Intended Mother will have to complete a full medical screening and examinations.

As already mentioned, healthy uterus and endometrial lining are very important factors, however, there is a number of other indicators that have to be double checked.

Different IVF clinics have different medical protocols. This means, that it is possible that the analysis and tests they require, are not identical. However, in any case, Intended Mother should be ready to submit the following medical reports:

  • Conclusion from the GP(general practitioner)

In the medical report, GP should conclude that Intended Mother’s health is satisfactory and she does not have any contraindications to the stimulation process.

  • Chest X-ray

This procedure will have to prove that the Intended Mother does not have tuberculosis. This test is of the greatest importance, because tuberculosis has the potential to turn out very harmful during the pregnancy.

  • Conclusion from the mammalogist

Mammalogist is the breast physician. Intended Mother will have to provide the conclusion after performing the breast ultrasound.

  • Antral follicle account with ovarian scan

In the report, there should be a very clear and detailed indication about the visibility and the number of antral follicles in each ovary, accompanied with the information about their size.

It is of the greatest importance that all of the required medical tests are performed in an accurate manner. While so much testing and analysis might sound somewhat stressful, it is worth remembering that when everything is completed diligently and thoroughly, Intended Mother will be completely ready to reach successful results and finally carry their babies.