How to access correct information while going for fertility services

Choosing the right clinic

Globalization has made information travel from one corner of the globe to the other in lightning speed. Thanks to the fast electronic media for making us aware of what is going in and around us in a world that has really been shrunk by internet and the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook . There are numerous authentic sources for having the right information about the fertility clinic which are as follows:
— The internet is a comprehensive and informative source for locating the right fertility clinic for you.
— Information sources like the Yellow Pages can also help you with the access to the fertility clinic that will suit your requirement in terms of expenses and the quality of services from among countless others operating in the field.
— The Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act of 1992 makes it mandatory that fertility clinics carrying out Assisted Reproductive technology treatment must provide annual report for all the procedures performed.
— Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) uses this data to annually publish clinic specific success rates for public information.
— Data from the clinics that offer ART services to provide a solution to the infertility issues are a valuable source of information about the factors that lead to the success of a clinic.
— The information published in the clinic’s website gives prospective ART customers a fair idea about their probability of a successful pregnancy and a healthy delivery.
— Annual ART success data are displayed as interactive National Summary Tables and Fertility Clinic Tables with comprehensive graphs and achievement charts.


Comparison of quality services

This is the toughest job but one should have a reality check before the final selection. So many factors play a vital role in determining the success of an ART program.  Most factors are related to the intending parents themselves and their medical history.
— Information about an infertility treatment clinic should not make one jump to conclusions. A treatment effective for someone may not be workable for you. We all have unique physical and mental makeup that plays a vital role in infertility treatments.
— Annual magazines and periodicals on infertility treatment and topics covering embryology and infertility issues are published worldwide. These magazines are reliable sources of information. However, the possibility of marketing hypes favoring a clinic should not be ruled out. At least you are no longer in the dark. You now have a few choices to compare and decide which would be the best for you.


Choosing the right specialist

As you now have a fair idea of the infertility clinics with information received from the best sources you can as well an update on eminent infertility specialists.
— Yellow pages will help you get the details of infertility specialists along with their contact numbers.
— You may have the website giving a profile of the person, details of his/her qualifications and experience.
— The website will also contain vital information like the registration number, areas of specialization, accreditations, recognitions and the range of infertility treatments on offer.


Association of the specialists with a clinic

This is an important determinant. A fertility clinic where the staff turnover is high divulges a lot about the quality of the clinic. It clearly indicates that the staff is not satisfied with the clinic and its management. Efficient output from a dissatisfied team is asking for something unrealistic.