Going global for the family – Why international surrogacy is so popular?

Surrogacy is a boon for all those childless parents who aim to have their families. Apart from adoption, surrogacy is one divine media to bring a little one home.

Some parents are not in the favor of adoption, may be for genetic reasons. Surrogacy proves to be helpful for them to give birth to a child with their own genes.

Surrogacy has become a popular means of childbirth around the world for the following reasons:

  1. It gives a chance of having a baby connected to your own genes.
  2. The parents’ eggs and sperm are used to fertilize them to develop an embryo, which is placed in the surrogate mother’s womb to grow. Thus, the child is connected with its ‘legal parents’ biologically.
  3. There are cases where both the parents are fertile, but can’t give birth to a child due to defects in the womb. Some females fail to carry the embryo in their womb. They go through repetitive miscarriages and find solution in surrogacy.
  4. Couples can still become parents if they have low quality eggs that failed to develop properly. Surrogacy allows them to borrow healthy eggs from egg donors and use them. There are ample registered healthy egg donors associated with each surrogacy agency.
  5. The intended parents can also take help of multiple semen or gamete donors for the purpose. It enables them to achieve faster and successful fertilization of eggs to form an embryo in the laboratory.
  6. Single parents and same-sex parents also get a chance to build their families through surrogacy.
  7. Childless older couples trying to conceive naturally for years can also have child through surrogacy.
  8. The surrogates also feel a sense of motherhood and enjoy the various experiences of pregnancy. Nothing can overwhelm a woman than helping another woman to become mother.
  9. The surrogate mother is compensated for the divine service she renders, which she can later use for her studies, career or other important financial needs.
  10. The surrogates actively get involved with the intended parents’ family and set an example of selfless love and compassion, which cannot be expressed in words.

Value of Surrogacy in Every Life Involved

Surrogacy has different meanings for different persons involved in it. It is a scope of building family for the intended parents. For the surrogate mother, it is a scope of helping selflessly to another family against some remuneration. Childless parents go through pain and emptiness in their lives. The beatific help of surrogates brings essence of parenthood along with enormous joy in their lives.

Altruistic surrogacy and commercial surrogacy are the two forms of surrogacy that have been helping people to build their families.

Prevalence of Surrogacy around the World

Couples, who have medically failed to achieve natural pregnancy can find soothe in surrogacy. International surrogacy is in popular demand around the globe and has been encouraging childless couples with a ray of hope. Surrogacy was hugely popular in the eastern part of the world, like in India, Nepal, Thailand, China, and Japan. It has also gained a boom in the western countries like the United States of America, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. Different countries have different surrogacy laws. There is no compact global surrogacy law in existence. Some countries have completely banned both types of surrogacy and consider it to be a criminal offense. Some countries have implemented no ban on any form of surrogacy and have kept it open for both natives and foreigners. There are countries where only altruistic surrogacy is allowed.

Intended couples have the scope of online researching for their exact requirements. The surrogacy business across the world has gone global and transparent. Successful surrogacy centers in various countries helping couples to attain parenthood have their websites over the internet. Intended parents can themselves go through each of them and find out the most suitable center for them.

Rewarding Experience

International surrogacy is a truly rewarding experience for all the parties involved. It gives the ability to start a family, which is the most precious gift anybody can ever get. Childless couples get a chance to visit other nation and explore it for international surrogacy. They can enjoy a lovely holiday in the country they have chosen for surrogacy along with their prime purpose.

Cost Benefits

The true cause of going to other countries for surrogacy or overseas surrogacy is cost benefit. Countries like Mexico, parts of the United States, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Kenya have permitted international surrogacy. These countries host surrogacy centers for foreign couples and provide complete arrangements for surrogacy treatment till child handover.

A lot of steps are involved in international surrogacy. These are:

  1. Matching the eggs and sperm
  2. Fertilization
  3. Embryo transfer
  4. Gestation
  5. Childbirth, and
  6. Handing over the child to the legal parents with all the required documents

Depending on the requirements of a particular surrogacy (if it does not require egg donation), the cost of it is almost reduced to half when the arrangements are carried out in developing nations. Mexico and the U.S.A. have reasonable and affordable surrogacy arrangements for couples traveling to the land for surrogacy. Apart from that, they provide superior infrastructure and communication that assures the intended parents.

Transparency in Communication

Surrogacy agencies running in different parts of the world have been committed to providing sophisticated and meticulous surrogacy facilities to foreign couples. This involves surrogacy tourism packages that attract couples from around the world. They get to explore a new place and enjoy the weather and good food over there. This also reduces parts of their stress.

Once the intended couples are successful in finding a surrogate for their child, they depend on the surrogacy agency for the communication they expect. It is not always possible for them to stay in the destination for the entire period of gestation. They usually come back to their homeland and communicate from there. They obviously would like to be updated about their child’s growth all the while. International surrogacy centers maintain this communication and inform the parents about the current developments. This assures the parents staying at another part of the world.

Documentation and Child Handover

The documentation and legal handover of the child to the intended parents is an arduous task. Different countries have different laws for that. Some countries consider the surrogate mother to be the legal mother and issues the birth certificate of the baby with the surrogate’s name mentioned in it. Other countries approve the intended parents to be the legal parents of the child born out of surrogacy. In case the country is considering the surrogate to be the legal mother, further procedure of the adoption process needs to be executed. Every international surrogacy center provides support in this legal procedures. They help the intended parents to go through every step and achieve the legal documents. They also arrange for the visa for the newborn till it is sent to its homeland.


International surrogacy has fulfilled the dream of parenthood for people across the globe. Countless families are happy today with successful surrogacies. A detailed research before enrolling in any surrogacy program is the major key to success.