A dream that became a reality on New Year’s Magic Eve

New Life Ukraine would like to share with you one more happy story which happened with our Intended Parents on New Year Eve. Their story is special as previously this couple had 5 unsuccessful attempts with surrogate mothers, which they searched at various web-sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, the disappointment, deception and blackmail pursued this couple for several years.

Contacting our agency was their last chance, and we tried to restore the faith and trust as much as possible, which helped us to begin to implement the program.

Fortunately, we got a positive pregnancy test at the first attempt, and were incredibly happy of easy SM’s pregnancy, her attention to the child and the healthy development of the baby for all 9 months. Today, we are pleased to see this happy and loving family with a beautiful baby in their arms! All their efforts and faith were rewarded, and we sincerely wish them a long, healthy and happy life together! Also, we are immensely grateful to our SM, who helped another dream come true!