Dear New Life international team

Dear New Life international team,

Our new baby boy was just born three weeks ago and there are not enough words to describe our happiness and all of you have got part in making it happened!!!

It all started when we met Natasha and Yonni back home who told us all about New Life agency.

At the beginning we had a lot of fears but, soon we realized that the agency approach is practical and straight forward (that was a great relief for us in a very emotional process any way).

Along all the way we met professional staff of New life international agency. from the Ukraine team who recommended us the Ed, to Dr. Nana and her team from the IVF clinic which made it happened and off course Tamara and her team who allocated the right SM for us — we could not ask for better one!!

And finally, huge thanks to Ia which were for the last six month communicating with us on a regular basis, coordinating all the pregnancy medical checkup and was there for us whenever needed — Thanks! A from Israel