New life Nepal opens its doors in Kathmandu

“Swagatam”, our new center at Kathmandu, Nepal beckons any couple having trouble with infertility to use our services and experience your dreams of parenthood. Infertility is a big issue to deal with, the pressure and stress that it puts in an individual’s mind is enormous. Our team at New life understands this and recognizes that the parents need solution for their helplessness as well as a listening ear to their problems regarding the issue.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal as well as the most populous area in the country.  Within those crowds are a lot of couples who are looking for services as provided by the New life center. The best surrogacy and egg donation as well as other infertility treatments can now accessed by the Nepali population in our new center. They are free to check out our egg donation and surrogacy database, consult with our experts. If there is need to ensure the quality of services, they can research our screening process and know about our process and procedures we take to make sure the best probability of success in pregnancies.

Therefore, New life Global Network happily announces the opening of new branch in Kathmandu, Nepal. We invite single, married, LBGT, gay and HIV-infected intended parents who wants to go through this course of welcoming a new member to their lives. Contact our team of New Life Nepal and get assisted in every phase of your program. We will be glad to receive and answer your questions thoroughly