Hard Truth and Real Facts about Biotex.Com

A lot is been said and written about Biotex.Com, one of the renowned surrogacy agencies in Ukraine, in the past few days. The center is in the news for all wrong reasons. Let us find out what exactly has the center done and what consequences is the center facing.
How Biotex Gained Popularity
Biotex.com was popular in Ukraine for providing all-inclusive unlimited packages with affordable prices and a decent level of services in surrogacy. It is, in fact, regarded as an IVF giant in Ukraine. However, the General Prosecutor and Ukraine government have lately shut down Biotex as they were dealing with baby trafficking, violating Ukraine laws. Yes, you have read it right; the center has been accused of violating the national laws and operating illegally.
Vital Features of Biotex
We do not deny the fact that Biotex has some of the highly professional doctors and reproductive specialists. They are well equipped with all modern apparatus that any high-class professionals in Ukraine should have. They offer affordable packages that include accommodation and food! This is a convenient feature that attracts intended parents from all over the world.
The all-inclusive packages for surrogacy programs operated by Biotex in Ukraine take care of all the possible stress, complicated, and possible issues on behalf of the intended parents.
With all the conveniences and facilities offered by Biotex, sadly, the center has not been able to maintain the level of services as high as before anymore. The center has lost all its trust as it has entered into legal troubles of a dark accusation of child trafficking.
Bitter Side of Biotex
Biotex was previously in news for its lack of attention to every couple. The existing managers of the IVF center were not able to handle much of the workload and were not able to give enough time and attention to each client. They were too tired to communicate promptly with the clients. On many occasions, new clients have not been answered promptly and have been sent in queue unnecessarily. This is not at all acceptable by the intended parents when they were ready to spend big money on the packages.
Biotex has failed to cooperate with the intended parents and meet their commitments. The head management has failed to guide the Biotex Team in the right direction. Unfortunately, the expectations of the intended parents have not been fulfilled by the Biotex management.
Ever since the news of child trafficking has broken, the pregnant surrogate mothers have left the centers and have hidden themselves in the fear of litigations. The paperwork and documentation are all under question. Police have raided the center and ceased every legal document related to the procedure followed at Biotex. The center has been accused of mixing eggs, committing twins to the intended parents, using the wrong egg donors, improper genetic testing of the eggs, and many more.
Cause of Concern for the Intended Parents
This is a vital cause of concern for the intended parents as no one would like to enter into an illegal organization for a generous cause. No one is interested in entering legal hassles with the documentation of their child. Every intended parent has their own journey of stress and tension. They have all come a long way of struggle before choosing IVF and surrogacy. As a matter of fact, surrogacy laws are sensitive and involve a lot of responsibility for all the parties involved in the process. It is not only the legal authority’s responsibility to keep a track on the illegal operations going on in the name of a vital surrogacy center, but also the duty of intended parents to not let any illegal organization grow into the lane of crimes like child trafficking.
IVF in Ukraine
The number of fertility clinics in this country is limited to 19 only but they are all great clinics in terms of quality service. IVF surrogacy is legal and aged women too have an opportunity to become pregnant as egg donation service is available too.
The country has a fantastic infertility treatment infrastructure pulling a substantial proportion of fertility tourists every year. The specialists in modern Ukrainian clinics are usually trained in Europe and the US. They usually hold specialized training certificates in IVF from Ukraine as well as abroad. The important need of the hour is the true awareness of the intended parents in choosing the right IVF clinic for themselves.